About Us

Marion Dental Health Associates has been a consistent presence and a thriving practice in the seaside community of Marion, Massachusetts for nearly 50 years. Dr William Hoye and Dr Earland Briggs were the founders of the business.

Dr Erin Hoye joined her father Dr William Hoye in practice in 2002. After a successful 13 years working together, Dr William entered retirement. Dr Erin Hoye assumed management of the business.

Dentistry with Intention is how we describe our business. Everything we do is patient centered and our consistency of detailed care is what makes us unique. Communication is quintessential to patient care and creating a win-win environment for everyone involved. Our education, clinical training and years of experience speak for themselves. More importantly, simply stated, we truly care about people and strive to treat our patients to the best of our abilities and with their overall health in mind. The patients’ well being guides our decisions and treatment outcomes. We like what we do and our patients notice. We are often complimented on our thoroughness and our ability to help patients feel comfortable and valued. We offer comprehensive care ranging from Preventive dental care, Emergency treatment to Cosmetic Dentistry.